Case overview

In 2014, Giovanni Silva’s personal experience with rare toxic mold exposure inspired him to create, a telehealth platform that connects patients with medical professionals and fellow patients to share experiences and treatment options. To bring his vision to life, Silva sought the expertise of The Keshri Group.

The Brief

Silva’s primary objectives were to:

  • Launch a telehealth platform that connects patients with medical professionals and fellow patients for support and information sharing.

  • Establish as a trusted and valuable resource for patients seeking medical guidance and community support.

  • Secure funding to support the development and growth of

Our Approach

The Keshri Group took a data-driven and personalized approach, tailoring its strategies to align with Silva’s vision and the specific needs of The team worked closely with Silva to understand his goals and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve them.

The Results

The Keshri Group’s efforts resulted in significant success for, including:

  • Successful Launch and Growth: was successfully launched and has experienced steady growth, attracting a growing community of patients seeking support and information.

  • Established Thought Leadership: Silva became recognized as a thought leader in patient advocacy and community building, further strengthening’s credibility.

  • Secured Seed Funding: secured $800k in seed funding, providing the resources necessary to continue its development and expansion.

    The success of can be attributed to several factors, including:

    • A clear and compelling vision: Silva’s personal experience and passion for patient support fueled the development of a unique and valuable platform.

    • A strategic and data-driven approach: The Keshri Group’s data-driven approach ensured that marketing and communications efforts were aligned with’s target audience and objectives.

    • A focus on community building:’s emphasis on connecting patients with each other and with medical professionals fostered a strong and supportive community.

    • The power of storytelling: Silva’s book, co-authored by The Keshri Group, effectively communicated his story and resonated with patients, establishing as a trusted resource.

    The Keshri Group’s expertise in content creation, digital marketing, and public relations played a key role in achieving’s objectives and establishing it as a leading telehealth platform for patient support and community building.


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in Average Session Duration


Seed Money Secured