October 9, 2020

The Recipe of Success from Restaurateur and Attorney Ankush Punhani

Meet Ankush Punhani, who is the Founding Attorney of Punhani Law Firm and owner of the Fine Indian Dining Group, a group of some of the most acclaimed restaurants in New York and New Jersey.

Ankush started his own law practice in 2013, starting with just a couple IT companies. Today, his firm represents 100s of IT, hospitality, and fashion firms. Over on the other side, his hospitality group has 9 widely-loved restaurants and he’s now working on opening his 10th. 

What inspires him? As an immigrant, he saw the hurdles his family had to overcome and now he works to ensure that others in his community don’t have to face the same. In the same spirit, he prioritizes his clients and customers alike to always make their time worthwhile. 

Listen to him talk about: