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Our Core Expertise lies in two areas which we blend using our Keshri Method Process to drive your brand’s success.





Using a combination of print and digital publishing can be a powerful way to connect with customers and build a strong relationship with them.

It allows you to reach out to customers in a variety of ways and to tailor your messaging and content to the specific needs and preferences of different customer segments.


"Our Six World-Class Services
for Executives and Businesses"



  • Book Writing & Publishing

We can help you turn your idea into a professionally printed and bound book, whether it is a novel, non-fiction book, or children's book. We will work with you to develop your concept, write the book, edit and proofread the content, design the cover and layout, and handle all aspects of the printing and distribution process. To detail the types of assets, click here for some specifications.

  • Industry Publications, Grant Proposals, & Sales Aids

Keshri provides scientific or medical writing expertise for industry publications and helps develop grant proposals to increase the likelihood of securing funding. We collaborate with sales and marketing teams to create effective sales aids that showcase the product's features and benefits. The goal is to ensure the high-quality and effective communication of clinical research findings and to achieve the intended outcomes. To detail the types of assets, click here for some specifications.

  • Brand Design, Clothing & Merchandise Creation

We work with companies to develop logos, brand identities, and brand guidelines to ensure a cohesive and effective brand image. For clothing and merchandise creation, Keshri can collaborate with clients to create custom designs, choose materials and colors, and source vendors for production. The goal is to help clients create a strong and unique brand image and develop quality clothing and merchandise that aligns with their brand identity. To detail the types of assets, click here for some specifications.

We have extensive experience in creating marketing assets that are informed by market research and deliver effective, targeted messaging. We are skilled at working with large, regulated organizations to ensure that all stages of asset creation comply with regulations and have the necessary leadership support. Additionally, we have a dedicated in-house legal counsel and medical officer who review all claims to ensure accuracy and compliance. Our team's expertise in asset creation allows us to create high-quality marketing materials that effectively promote your products or services while adhering to industry standards and regulations.


  • Website Creation & Optimization

The goal of Keshri's website creation and optimization services is to help businesses establish a strong online presence that attracts and engages customers, drives traffic and leads, and ultimately helps achieve their business objectives. To detail the specifications click here

  • Social Media & Email Marketing

Essential components of any modern marketing strategy, allowing businesses to reach their target audience through a variety of channels. Keshri offers a range of social media and email marketing services to help businesses and organizations effectively promote their products, services, and brand to their target audience. To detail the specifications click here

  • Advertising & Paid Partnership

Advertising and paid partnerships involve promoting products or services through paid placements on other websites or platforms. This can include paid search ads, social media ads, programmatic advertising, and influencer partnerships. Paid advertising can be an effective way to reach a targeted audience and drive traffic to a website or product, but it is important to carefully manage the cost to drive a positive return on investment. To detail the specifications click here


Using both print and digital publishing (marketing) together can offer a number of benefits:

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Wider Reach

By using a combination of print and digital marketing, you can reach a wider audience, as some people may prefer one format over the other.

Increased effectiveness

Combining print and digital marketing can increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as each medium has its own strengths. For example, print marketing can be effective at creating brand awareness, while digital marketing can be effective at driving conversions.

Enhanced credibility

Using both print and digital marketing can enhance the credibility of your marketing efforts, as it shows that you are willing to invest in multiple channels to reach your target audience.

Increased flexibility

Using both print and digital marketing allows you to be more flexible in your marketing efforts, as you can choose the most appropriate medium for each message or campaign.

Measurable results

Both print and digital marketing offer the ability to measure results, which can help inform future marketing strategy and tactics.


Digital marketing offers the ability to personalize marketing messages and content based on customer data, while print marketing can allow for personalized messaging through the use of direct mail.


Combining print and digital marketing allows for integration of marketing efforts, such as including QR codes or URLs in print materials that lead to digital content.



Are you looking for help developing a successful marketing strategy that leverages both print and digital channels? Our team at Keshri Publishing has the expertise and experience to help you reach and engage your target audience, and drive the results you want.

We can work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that addresses your specific business goals and needs. Our team has the tools and expertise to help you increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and drive sales.

Take the first step towards achieving your marketing goals by contacting us today for a free consultation. Let us help you develop a winning marketing strategy that leverages the power of both print and digital channels. Don't wait any longer to get the results you deserve – contact us today.